Our Tools

Aware of the shortcomings of traditional risk assessment tools, Predicus has invested significant resources in the development of its dynamic decision support tools. Our tools have been refined and enhanced to speed the building of highly complex business and project models that bring greater clarity to performance assessments of projects.

Unlike more limiting spreadsheet programs, our Monte Carlo simulation tools are capable of quantifying and modeling virtually any data or issue impacting complex, long-term projects. Our process then displays those models in an easily understood, graphical presentation. Revealed with clarity, these Predicus models quickly become indispensable to management not only for decision support but also as the primary tool to help manage the project through each stage of its life cycle.

Efficiency results from the right tools in the hands of the right team

With inputs guided by our team of industry, business, elicitation and encoding experts these tools enhance our decision support process with these modeling capabilities:

  • Evaluating how systems, processes and issues evolve over time to predict future events
  • Determining what might be done to influence future events
  • Indicating interdependencies automatically
  • Facilitating the reuse and sharing of modeling across an organization
  • Reducing redundant efforts promoting consistency in assumptions and approach to quantitative modeling company-wide
  • Representing uncertainty in stochastic processes, parameters and future or uncertain events explicitly
  • Simulating uncertainty in soft elements such as political actions, public acceptance, stakeholder reactions and outcomes of regulatory processes
  • Immediately responding to “what if” questions (even during stakeholder presentations)
  • Resulting in significant cost savings