Our Teams

The Predicus top-down approach to decision support requires that we serve our clients by forming the highest caliber, purpose-built teams with expertise specific to the client’s industry and projects.

The right team with the right expertise—always

Acknowledged leaders in a broad range of industries and business disciplines, the management of Predicus often directly participates on the teams that lead our decision support process. However, team formation is not limited to in-house personnel. Our rich history of experience has positioned Predicus within a broad network of senior-level experts throughout the industries we serve. Leveraging our network of expertise ensures that our clients implement the strategy that offers the highest likelihood of success.

How the team performs

  • Works in conjunction with the client’s staff by combining the strength of both groups and proceeding quickly with minimal duplication of effort
  • Brings special understanding and skills in expert elicitation and probability encoding
  • Elicitation by team covers:
    • Costs & schedule
    • Design, construction, environmental, regulatory, safety, legal and stakeholder acceptance issues affecting milestones
    • Events, relationships and processes that could impact project milestones
  • Combines industry expertise with facilitation skills and state-of-the-art analytical tools to deliver a quantitative, dynamic performance assessment model
  • Maintains confidentiality of proprietary and/or strategic information