Predicus Process

Predicus Process
Performance-based decision-making thrives on clear, defensible information that can be easily communicated. As such the Predicus Process provides great near- and long-term utility by modeling probable outcomes quantitatively and holistically. Additionally, it can easily accommodate changes to plans or strategies and analyze their consequences very quickly.

The Predicus Process is a high-level, top-down decision support process that is well defined, highly efficient and cost-effective. It combines:

(1)  Expert guidance and industry insight unencumbered by internal bias

(2)  Superior tools that quantify both “hard” and “soft” inputs—data, issues, events, relationships, etc.

(3)  Collaborative elicitation and communication with your personnel throughout the entire process.

The Predicus Process utilizes industry and risk assessment experts to structure defensible inputs within a probabilistic software tool. This results in a dynamic decision support simulation model unique to the client’s specific project or portfolio. The model guides the analysis of uncertainties and sensitivities inherent in complex projects. The process and its associated decision support model allow identification and evaluation of alternative approaches to reduce risk, optimize costs and schedules and achieve compliance with multiple metrics.

The Predicus Process delivers a clear and comprehensive understanding of various risks, free of bias, in order to support complex project management and investment decision-making over the entire project life cycle.

  • Clarifies risk and consequences on all issues, processes and entities
  • Enables efficient assessment of management options and priorities
  • Instantly responsive to high-level “what if” questions
  • Links all related findings and documents in support and defense of decisions
  • Facilitates effective communication with all project stakeholders
  • Moves from a performance assessment tool to a project management tool as the project(s) moves past the initial evaluation stage into project implementation
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