Senior Staff

Ian Miller
Senior Adviser

Ian Miller is a specialist in risk analysis and systems modeling. He was the first President of GoldSim Technology Group LLC and prior to that a Principal with Golder Associates Inc., an international environmental engineering consultancy. His extensive experience includes probabilistic performance assessments of nuclear waste repositories and risk assessments of Arctic pipelines, uranium mine tailings facilities, hazardous waste landfills, and industrial site contamination. He led the development of the GoldSim simulator, which is used worldwide for probabilistic analyses of complex systems such as safety analyses of nuclear waste repositories, planning of mines and their environmental impacts, and strategic planning.

Bill Ostendorff
Senior Adviser

Bill Ostendorff is an engineer and attorney with significant experience in nuclear safety, security, strategic planning and policy formulation. In government, he has served as a Commissioner of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, as Principal Deputy Administrator at the National Nuclear Security Administration and as counsel and Strategic Forces Subcommittee staff director for the House Armed Services Committee. During his 26 year naval career, he commanded a nuclear attack submarine, a nuclear attack submarine squadron and served as Director of the Division of Mathematics and Science at the US Naval Academy.

Tom Mozingo
Senior Modeling Engineer

Tom Mozingo has a petroleum engineering degree, but he has spent much of his professional career in the defense industry, most recently as a systems engineer. For the past 11 years he founded and led his own computer service and consulting firm.

Kyle Watson
Modeling Engineer

Kyle has spent the last 15 years as an expert in many aspects of Information Security and Threat & Risk Modeling. He has worked for several Fortune 500 companies as well as high-level government agencies both as a full time employee and as a private consultant. Kyle has architected and designed everything from networks to secure payment platforms to desktop, cloud and mobile applications. In addition he works with industry leaders to develop the next generation of education and training technology.

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